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Friday, October 29, 2010

cut and paste to ABC 'News'

Incredibly, Andrew Breitbart, the pedlar of falsely edited footage of former federal official Shirley Sherrod earlier this year, has been hired by ABC News. Although I don't expect much from a broadcast network that considers 'Good Morning America' a news show, this hiring strikes me as a new low in what was once known as journalism. The man is famous only for lying, hysteria, and ill-temperedness.

Do feel encouraged to join me in expressing objections to the American Broadcasting Company. The form for doing so is located here. My remarks, within the complaint form's 500-word limit, appear below.
I object to your hiring of Andrew Breitbart not because I disagree with his opinions but because he has a long history of willful dishonesty and misrepresentation. Kooky opinions are one thing, particularly in a setting where he would be one voice among many. Lying is another thing entirely. Known liars do not belong on the payrolls of news agencies. As a result, I will not watch your coverage. You should be ashamed by your abandonment of journalistic standards.



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