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Monday, June 14, 2010

they will do whatever the law allows

My latest contribution to 3 Quarks Daily is now available for your reading pleasure. It is part of a larger project of mine to generate the new rhetoric that will push the enduring Ayn Rand-inspired madness of the Reagan era off the stage and return the country to a point where it can, with fresh eyes, assess what government should and should not do with regard to economic matters. Our choices should not be restricted to the bad electoral decisions made by the previous generation thirty years ago when they were spooked by the Iranian hostage crisis. Reagan's legacy has been to tie government's hands behind its back in the name of a nutty idea of 'freedom' that equates spending money to pervert political and economic processes with First Amendment rights. Let's push these ideas out of respectable discourse by replacing them with better ideas. Ready, set, go.

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