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Friday, July 6, 2007

calling all hip hop hipsters

I have been asked to moderate a panel on 'Comic Books, Kung Fu, and Hip Hop' at this year's CMJ in October. The organizers and I have some ideas about people to invite to be on the panel (e.g., Ghostface Killah), but I figured that my readers might have some suggestions, and possibly contacts, of their own. If so, let me know. I'd like to think big on this one and get some exciting people whose work or expertise brings together the panel's subject areas.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does Hip Hop promote guns when guns are ruining urban America, seriously hampering development in Africa and are typically loved by the very unfunky NRA?
Why does Hip Hop promote big gas guzzling SUV usage when gross oil dependency is causing wars and destroying our planet?
Why does Hip hop music promote gross shallow wealth and greed when overconsumption is also destroying our world?
Do you think Hip Hop has an anti- education or anti-intellectual stance as "thugs" and the like are promoted as the ideal?
Why does Hip Hop encourage its fans to look and talk all alike and doesn't this make for a very conformist movement?
Why do young jazz musicians and other Hip Hop fans these days get so involved in the Hip Hop scene when they really seem like snobs in the "in" crowd and it really isn't that cool or interesting musically?
Do you think that Hip Hop has become like Starbucks as far as its "internationality" goes when people all over the world pick up Hip Hop styles, add it to their own culture and produce a very dull and homoginized global corporate culture masked as a rebellious youth movement?

6:07 PM, October 15, 2007


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