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Thursday, June 7, 2007

accidental poetry

In a blatant ripoff of Steve Poole's Google poetry at his excellent blog Unspeak, I am posting my own installment of poetry generated solely from the Google search terms that drew readers to my blog in the month of May. I call it Accidental Poetry. Everything that appears below, including the title and the signature line, come from Google searches. I only did cutting, pasting, and layout. Enjoy.

"catastrophically fatuous"

american hip hop today
rap with assonance
french government, limited or unlimited
toilet stall divider affordable
rinko kikuchi node

american hip hop meaning
genre money
morality in sexual and pecuniary terms
men like pastries women like custards
ramrod cum

apple gowanus
goya ritual

do you think gangsta rappers are really gangsters or just misunderstood poets
stasi artist classification
bach intellectually demanding

park slope real estate prices and predictions
photographs of sinagoga del transito
artist spanish nightlife painting target
little miss sunshine and nihilism

ain't no love in the heart of the city
alabama's deadliest intersections
atlantic yards highest density building
shylock character profile

dockers unhip
scorsese auteur
most focussed albums
adore tony leung

strabone brooklyn



Anonymous Steve said...

I am glad you are joining me in the virgin field of "emergent literature", which I decreed in what to my knowledge was the first example of it on January 31 of this year should indeed be called "emergent literature" rather than "accidental poetry". Please comply.

The line of "catastrophically fatuous" I find most haunting of all is:

rinko kikuchi node

The pathos of a a tumescent Japanophile mistyping "nude"! The extra pathos of a tumescent Japanophile seeing Babel and judging that Rinko Kikuchi is the only good thing in it! The extra-ironical pathos of the fact that that judgment is entirely correct! And the marvellous idea of a "rinko kikuchi node", a node of human communication in which everything crosses at Rinko Kikuchi! It almost brings tears to my eyes.

6:44 PM, June 08, 2007


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