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Sunday, July 1, 2007

accidental poetry no. 2

Another month has ended. That can only mean it's time for a new installment of Accidental Poetry. (The first installment appeared in my entry for June 7, 2007.) The rules are the same as last time: everything that appears below was taken from the Google searches that brought people to my blog in the month of June. For those of you who don't know, yes, we bloggers can see all kinds of data about our readers, just about everything but your names, thanks to Google Analytics. All I did was copying, pasting, cutting, and layout. I have not added a single word of my own. Again, mad props to Steve Poole at Unspeak for coming up with the idea.

"sonate des guten menschen"

what has happened to daniel day lewis lately
what happened to valery on sopranos

a person has no constitutional right to engage in sexual intercourse, at least outside of marriage
he joined forces with bush

poisonous spiders on staten island
arabs call the spiders
rappers sell cocaine
men like pastries, women like custards

jane austen
raps on political things
best hip-hop today
brazilian gangster rap
motown in a foreign language
holly wood only shakeera songs
scorsese's compromise

taiwanese film watermelon
frightening painting
i have got supermodel on my dick (fun loving criminals)

today is an important occasion
important occasion of the year
people will remember you better if you always wear the same clothes
david byrne body odor

venus velazquez critique
stuyvesant french
fading sun in japanese
bush statements cancel refineries

atlantic yards
whole foods park slope
life ain't bitches and money

jeff strabone



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