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Sunday, December 31, 2006

day two: pulp reality

Besides the Spanish painting and all that, another reason for this trip abroad was UK karaoke envy. Sing Sing on Avenue A has monstrously thick catalogues in at least two languages, but the choices there can sometimes reflect North American musical parochialism. What I am trying to say, dear reader, is that they have no Pulp.

I have long fancied my own at-home renditions of Pulp classics, but without the opportunity to submit one's work for public consideration, one can never be too sure about such things. I can now testify, with ample witnesses, that my Jarvis Cocker impersonation ('Common People' and 'Help the Aged') is fabulous indeed. But, better still, my Louis Armstrong was described by an international karaoke expert as 'uncanny'. (Daniel Fugallo, personal communication, Karaoke Box studios, London, December 30, 2006.) What can one say other than, God save the Karaoke Queen!


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