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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I smell change

There it is. Just like that, President Obama has signed the order to close the prison at Guantánamo. From the New York Times:
Saying that "our ideals give us the strength and moral high ground" to combat terrorism, President Obama signed executive orders Thursday effectively ending the Central Intelligence Agency’s secret interrogation program, directing the closing of the Guantánamo Bay detention camp within a year and setting up a sweeping, high-level review of the best way to hold and question terrorist suspects in the future.

"We intend to win this fight," Mr. Obama said, "We are going to win it on our own terms."

As he signed three orders, 16 retired generals and admirals who have fought for months for a ban on coercive interrogations stood behind him and applauded.
I am of the opinion that the United States should not torture people simply because this should not be a country that tortures people. But for those who think torture 'works', here is a previous blog item that makes the case for torture being an ineffective investigative tool.

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Anonymous 42 said...

Duh. Being against torture is like being against artificial turf. We need the old, hard hitting blogger back.

No offense.

11:34 PM, January 22, 2009

Blogger Jeff Strabone said...

Am I going to face the same dilemma as Jon Stewart: wondering what to say about Obama? He's a hard one to ridicule.

I do know that his worst trait as a politican is his coziness with corn. In the U.S. Senate, he represented the second largest corn-producing state, and his presidential campaign owes everything to Iowa, the number one producer. Unsurprisingly, he has been a supporter of corn ethanol. On some key points of energy policy, John McCain was actually more progressive than Obama: only McCain called for repealing the tariff on Brazilian sugar ethanol during last year's campaign.

But how many times can I write about corn?

12:37 AM, January 23, 2009

Blogger David said...

I imagine quite a few bloggers (as well as comedians and artists) will have a harder time adding fuel to their fire now that the Bush years are behind us. In fact, I wonder to what extent the controversy (read "atrocities") of the Bush regime was a catalyst to the creation of the Blogosphere in the first place.

10:55 PM, January 23, 2009


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