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Monday, June 30, 2008

Hussein fashion

Mark Hussein Montalbano has a Hussein t-shirt for sale. I don't have one yet, but we agreed to swap a blog post for a shirt. So here it is. Mark says the following about the shirt:
Barack Hussein Obama. It's a beautiful name, which means handsome or beautiful. Barack Hussein Obama, despite the birth-given name, is not Muslim, though, the name symbolizes his openness to all walks of life. Acceptance. This Obama t-shirt was designed to celebrate his birth-given name. It's more of an effort to celebrate acceptance of anyone's name, but it was created mainly because of the fact that our soon-to-be President has many times been unfairly smeared because of the name he goes by. The suggestion that he should not be our President because of a name, which happens to have a beautiful meaning, is the very reason to celebrate it and let the country know that we're not going to stand for these prejudices.

Here's the story behind the shirt. This is inspired by the many beautiful people who blog on barackobama.com, Facebook, and the many other individual blogs who have made this very statement by putting "Hussein" in between their real names. It's such a beautiful gesture to expose us all to the fact that it is a very nice name...and that it just so happens to mean "beautiful".

Here is the link to Mark's shirts.



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